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Neck Deep Lyrics

Six months has been and I'm still sick of everything that makes you smile
I've been here before
I'm just hoping this will die down
But I've learned from experience
That love is a risk and I'm just hoping you're hearing this
So maybe you'll know just how it feels to be sitting here
Wide awake and far from dreaming

Don't tell me that I'll be fine
My broken bones are caving in
I feel you crawl beneath my skin
You went and fucked this up
'Cause you couldn't keep your legs shut

And you'll find me burning bridges
Searching for some sense of distance
Tearing out post trauma stitches that held me together
So far gone my mind is racing
Back and forth I can't stop pacing
Thinking where we could have been if you'd just braved the weather

Fuck his car and fuck his money
He might pay for you but he's got nothing
I won't be in sight when you realize that
I might just have been a more stable support
To the life that you'll build
When he cuts himself short
Don't tell me that I'll be fine
I'm so sick of hoping you're right

Take all I am
Tear me into pieces,
Deconstruct my bones and tell me you still don't know who I am
You've got some nerve thinking we could be friends
Well what did you expect, a fucking compliment?

So take what's left of me
A broken fragment from before
I guess I'll try to be the best I can without you
I know I'll find myself along this beaten track
I'll have to let you go
And let these ghosts stay in the past

I guess I'll be fine

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The 2014 versions of these songs just solidify my love for Neck Deep. 

Charlie Buck

+iamriveted The fact that you have a Four Year Strong profile picture solidifies my love for you.


I prefer the original ep you could hear all the stress and sorrow in his yelling. His voice is still good when sung professionally, but the old yelling singing always has a fondness in my heart

ImmortalSIN _

Violently Smashing repeat

Trippy Gypsy

i used to be so in love with this girl.. i always feel like she would sing this to me if it were in the past.. i hurt her so bad, or maybe im just being full of it, and she really did not care. i will never really know, i could never tell what was true from her and my anxiety made reality complex..it was so toxic.. i wish i could have saved it all somehow from happening . but the daily hurt became a habit . . for both.. until i went insane and her body ached.. i feel like she was the love of my life. since i lost her ive lost all my sleep and weight and emotion. but she will always linger in the back of my mind like an endless universe.. . no one knows where my feelings stand to this day, or that it even hurts at all .

chels lou

his voice is perfect where as these days he sounds more American when he isn't ...really stresses me.

Nial Rogers

it's just better vocal quality in my opinion his voice sounds a bit quieter :')

Emma Garofalo

in my defense in the beginning i was just sharing my favorite music with somebody who i thought shared similar taste

igor patrick kyle francisco


Star Campos

Brand New reference?? 👀

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