Neon Hitch Lyrics

You're still not here like you promised to be,
Stop under this confusing bow that keep tight me.
I now realize my feelings for you
Now I don't unchained, 'cause this an obsession anything.

And when you're sleeping
I just don't see,
I-I believe in you, in you.
I'm trying hide away the truth,
But I need you, feel you, need you
And I-I-I breathe you, breathe you, breathe you.
Na na na na na.

Is this the Zimber ring in my fingers of yours?
Do you belong in my head was a cover of you?
You only crossed my mind once,
And stayed forever!

I'm scared to fall into your safetyness
I'm scared to fall into your safetyness.

Contributed by Gianna P. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Good melodic track, with such a great voice.. But honestly I prefer Breathe Carolina's tracks when they're accompanied with KARRA's voice.. This is way better :D
But props to APEK & Neon Hitch anyway, coz this is still very cool ^^


@Joseph Trontz I don't know, I won't say it''s commercial but yeah it's classic.

Lilac Joan

+FlinnHasslich Yeah, it's cool and everything.
But it sounds a little too commercial imo lol


@Przemysław Chudecki For sure :D

Przemek Ch.

+FlinnHasslich Anyway, number one from Carolina is More than ever. :)


Agreed 👍🏻

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Ashish Gamer

When I see breathe carolina I click like

Cailie Isidro

that goes for me too, that's already one common we have!


me af

Bee L

Same they are amazing!

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