Shake Your Body
Nepsydaz Lyrics

Ha Ha Ha Ha
You know what it is???
Shake your body you know what it is
Nepsydaz Here to party
Shake your body you know what it is
Nepsydaz Nep-Nep-Nep
Shake your body you know what it is
Nepsydaz Here to party
Shake your body you know what it is
Nepsydaz Nep-Nep-Nep
Hey Dj boi aba ta bajauna mitho song
matiyeko chu ma piyeko chu whisky rum
sexy keti wari pari pare chu ma dang/
yeta uti sodi hera im verywell known
from kathmandu dekhi Gaoun basi taha cha
keti haru aja kina yeti pagal bha cha
dekchu hot ki ta cool cha mero flow
either way im hot in and outta dance floor/
so when i break a move, y'all know what to do
follow my footsteps, and do as i do
so shake ur body, mami
rock the party, mami
shake ur body, mami
rock the party mami
soch -ma na para timi chau dammi
party garam sangai milijuli timi hami
now drop it slow and climb up that pole
timlie man paryo bhane yeta auna ho
Raag is da boor oh i gatta flow oh
tha china ke gaune on this regaton oh
sathi tero coke mero rumma halna ho oh
ani herna chapki haru dami nacheko
yutai kammar tin char thaw ma bhacheko
ekchin ajai basam cause i dont wanna go
dui ghyampe matra bhayo china mateko
Nashalu timro roop maile hoina dhateko
And all i see is hot mami's on da dance floor
matiyeko jasto lagcha maile ke bho
sabie chapki haru dekchu like J.LO
Dhulo chak dhulo boobs like Hello
so shake ur body, you know what it is
we here to party, ma bhai sake thiesh
that gurl's so naughty, i wonder who she with
but its time i party, i dont give a shit man
You know I like it I love it one more time just do it
No fighting just ride in shake that thing and get
into it
Satha ma Nachana Baruli Kammar bhachana
You and me later might be seen doing duet
Priti gasauna timro hamro maya saatauna
Yo ramielo pal ma hami dui banidue ek
lanchu timlie sathama nomater what it takes
Chaldina bahana aba give me a break
Take a seat and listen you're the one im missing
First we do the talking then we do the kissing
kura milyo bhane pura huncha mero misson
If not i better go off start fishing
In the sea baby give me that Heat
the way you moving ur body is melting me
Can't you see im the man u need
im the man u dig im da man of ur dream/
let's get into reality/

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Musical Vibes

Those golden days of my life 😭😭😭😭 2020 aug.22 still listening it. And never gets old and bored for me❤️❤️❤️

Ksav Pun

Far better than most of the songs of these days...

Bgod Died

2k20 anyone😀??

Aarav. Singh

much better than the low standard rap of these days. loved..

Sudhamsu Shrestha

2020 Visit 🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵 Nepal
14 Jan 2020

SKR World

2018 ! still gives Goosebumps

Kebib Dangol

Shekhar Rawal yeah bro

Jhalak budha

Maile yo song aaja 2020 maa sundai xu 11 year pahila Pani yasto babbl song rahexa hamro Nepal maa😱❤️❤️

Pramesh Ghisingh

Who want see them together.......... 😊😊😊

Nishan Pokhrel

Song like this ..ajakal sunna party song for me😁😁

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