Between two worlds
Never Shout Never Lyrics

I feel fine,
I feel alright,
I feel so good just like I knew I would
Here I stand stuck between two worlds
My closest friends
Know me as the man I am
I'm stuck between two worlds
I close my eyes
And there it is
I can't deny
I'm stuck between two worlds

You're in a dream
Within a dream
Identity constructed reality
Please wake up
And smell the coffee I made just for you

I feel fine
I feel alright
I feel good just like I knew I would
Here I stand stuck between two worlds
My dirty past,
Has finally come to pass.
Still I am stuck between two worlds
Open your heart
And let it in.
You cant deny,

You're living in one world.

You're in a dream,
Within a dream
Identity constructed reality
So please wake up
You're living in a haze
It's insane
How much pain.
You must be you, to please wake up
You're insane
It's all in vain to
Cut yourself off
From love
Sweet love.

Please wake up
And smell the coffee I made just for you.

Lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.
Written by: Christofer Drew

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Alvah Antonio

One of the best musicians out there, by far... his music is like a hidden gem. It can only truly be appreciated with a creative and deep mind. His early music was simple, but once he went complex people stopped caring. Guess it proves people are extremely simple minded these days. Don't get me wrong, his simple songs are amazing, but the craftsmanship in his later music is brilliant and simply inspiring!

Fabian Tolan

Chris Tre holy shit perfectly said


Lol calm down there. He's still very simplistic in the way he writes his riffs (mostly sticks to the same 1-4-5 that mainstream radio music uses) and especially his lyrics, you hardly need to think at all to interpret them, no entendres or hidden meanings. I'm a fan, of this album in particular, but I'd never pretend this bands music is more complex than Hozier, Allen Stone or any of the other soul artists out right now. If this is the most creative stuff you know, you need to expand. YouTube is full of great stuff! Try Mahogany Sessions!!


personally, I think NSN is better now than they were before. But that's just my opinion


When I first heard this album I was kinda on the edge about it, but now hearing agian I have to say it is amazing! \(º[]º)/

Lesly Carrión

Christofer is a idol <3 is so natural, so free i love him :) amo su música, apenas, llevo 5 dias que recien conocí de él y ya lo amo.

Julie Ansale’wit

I'm gonna be straight up honest, when i said 'nsn fan forever' I meant forever. I watched them changed their music so much times, I love all theyve done.




They just fount they're real fans <3 The ones that will stay, no matter how much changes c:

Jessica Mojica

I still love him so much, the lyrics still have a little bit of him <3

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