Annie May
New Riders Of The Purple Sage Lyrics


Annie May, she lives down by the station
You might say that she's a friend of mine
No, I don't mean for drinks and conversation
When you're lonely, that's a waste of time

You just call and say you'll be over
You've got just a minute or two
By the time you're hangin with her
She knows what to do
Annie May, Annie May
Anything you want to ask for, that's OK
And if nothing else comes your way
You can always depend on Annie May

Now Annie May was born in Alabama
She nearly made it through the seventh grade
She had a baby and left it with her grandma
Hitched a ride up Indiana way

She got taught to love in a truck stop
Near to Kalamazoo
By the time she made Chicago
She knew a thing or two
Annie May, Annie May
She never learned to give a damn what people say

Some folks call her crackers
Some folks call her trash
Others swear she's a working girl
With a stocking full of cash

Now she's not quite a lady
Ladies come and go
But as long as she's taking care of me
I don't need to know

Now Annie May, don't ask me if I love her
But in a way, well I suppose I do
She's not the kind you'd bring home to meet your mother
But in time she kind of grows on you

You don't find her cooking and cleaning
And washing cars in the street
Whenever I get lonely
She's knows what I need
Annie May, Annie May
Anything you want to ask for, that's OK
And if nothing else comes your way
You can always depend on Annie May

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Comments from YouTube:

Bryan B

Bought a stack of new riders LP's at a yard sale about 10 years ago, never played this till now. It is killer.

John Stallings

@Matéo Champlain it's dope

Smokyn Monkee

I know what you mean Mateo, I got to go see NRPS in 1977 , and I felt like I missed out on the original scene 🌵"take me down little Susie take me down"

Smokyn Monkee

My friend gave me this lp in 1976 , made me a deadhead for life

Smokyn Monkee

Matéo Amero Steve Love

Matéo Champlain

It's not their best album, but it's pretty fuckin solid in my opinion. This is the last album with Skip Batting at the bassist. I liked his songwriting and singing (although not as much as Dave Torbert). I wasn't a fan of the guy who replaced him on the next 2 albums after this one.

Smokyn Monkee

Met Dave Nelson a few years ago at the Stanhope House


Thanks for sharing this! Been hoping someone would.


most underrated NRPS album, love this album

James Kerrigan

Underrated band, underrated album. Thanks for posting!

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