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The Future
by Neyvone

Doors up and it's all black,
Light crushed and it's all fact,
Lies white but it's all wack
And my Mind sharp cause it's all tacks,

Lined up cause he's all that,
sniff yay and it's all claps,
Ass cheeks and there's no tax,
Life's sucks when there's no laughs.

Body broke got no back,
Spine dry from them e tabs,
Doors up and it's all black,
Doors up and it's all black,

Trynna fight it when I write it, gotta golden touch I'm Midas
Minus livin on a lie and being told I gotta quiet down,

Hands up muthafuckas we ain't silent blaow!
Hands up with your middle fingers stretchin out,

Fuck the law, and the people we elected,
Cause they got us feeling broke and neglected,
And I caught that throw, interception,
so we gotta move quick like nexus,

Oohhhhh I know you waiting for the future,
But you ain't gonna live that loong
And I been working all night babe
I'm trying to live this soooong

light gone, flashing with the Nikon,
Nikes on fuck fashion I'm a python,
Mics gone so I hit em with a Ty-son
Hit em when I spit raw (that's a nice one)

Never wanna make a choice on the fly, but I really gotta do it if I, wanna survive,
Which one of you guys, have taken yo life,
Flip that shit around and get a minute to revive

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