She's My Only One
Nichols Lyrics

The very thought of you makes my heart sing
Like an April breeze on the wings of spring,
And you appear in all your splendor,
My one and only love.

The shadows fall and spread their mystic charms
In the hush of night while you're in my arms.
I feel your lips, so warm and tender,
My one and only love.
The touch of your hand is like heaven,
A heaven that I've never known.
The blush on your cheek whenever I speak
Tells me that you are my own.

You fill my eager heart with such desire.
Ev'ry kiss you give sets my soul on fire.
I give myself in sweet surrender,
My one and only love.

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Written by: Guy B. Wood, Robert Mellin

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My brother said that I
was rotten to the core.
I was the youngest child,
so I got by with more.

I guess she was tired by
the time I came along.
She'd laugh until she cried,
I could do no wrong.
She would always save me,
because I was her baby.

I worked a factory in Ohio,
a shrimp boat in the Bayou,
I drove a truck in Birmingham.
Turned 21 in Cincinnati,
I called home to mom and daddy,
I said "Your boy is now a man."
She said "I don't care if you're 80,
you'll always be my baby."

She loved that photograph,
of our whole family.
She'd always point us out,
for all her friends to see.

That's Greg he's doing great,
he really loves his job.
And Ronnie with his 2 kids,
how 'bout that wife he's got.
And that one's kinda crazy,
but that one is my baby.

I got a call in Alabama,
said come on home to Louisianna
and come as fast as you can fly.
Cause your momma really needs you,
and says she's got to see you,
she might not make it through the night.
The whole way I drove 80
so she could see her baby.

She looked like she was sleepin'
and my family had been weepin'
by the time that I got to her side.
And I knew that she'd been taken,
and my heart it was breakin',
I never got to say goodbye.

I softly kissed that lady
and cried just like a baby.

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William Link

I am a man and I cannot listen to this song without crying! I was MY mothers BABY. The similarities between this song and my life are so uncanny you could think I was the songwriter. I was born with a heart condition. Throughout most of my childhood I could not go out and play many of the games and sports other kids did. My mother was a single mom back in the 50's and she was the only bread winner in the family. But she ALWAYS took time out for me. We would do most everything together, but our favorite times included rock hunting, fishing, and just riding through the country and seeing this great nation. After I married, I moved to Florida and Mom stayed behind. So while I was "somewhere in the south" just as this song implies, Mom passed away. I could not make it home in time to say good-bye. I am 73 years old, and yes I STILL cry. Mom, I'll see you soon. I love you more than words can ever say. I miss you.

Matt Snodgrass

ll 🆒

Cordless Hedge

I cried reading this

Teresa May

You are an amazing gift from god your mom is still with you take it from a mom who is a mommy of 5 angel 😇 babies i know your mom hears you i read this and it touched my soul i couldnt stop crying god bless you 🙏 ❤ 😭😭💯💯

Teresa May

Your are an amazing beautiful gift from god and your mom will always be with you this i felt to my soul i couldn't stop crying believe me my friend your mom walks with you everyday and she is always listening god bless you 🙏 ❤


God Bless You my friend

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John Molina

Who else is listening going into 2019? Also this song gave me chills I'm the youngest of three I'm super glad & thankful I still have my Mom in my life.

Sarah Spangler

He is a good singer has good music i like all of this music

Sarah Spangler


Sarah Spangler

I listeng to this all the time Blake sing

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