Lets get married
Nick Helm Lyrics

Let's get married,
In the Spring time, in the sunshine,
Let's get married, let's get married,
In the daylight, when the time's right,
Let's get married.
You can wear your hair up like a halo round your head,
I can say I love you 'til the day that I am dead,
Let's get married, in the sunshine,
Let's get married, oh.
Let's get naked!
In the night time, when you feel fine!
Let's get naked! Let's get naked!
Take our clothes off, and my socks off!
Let's get naked!
I can say you're beautiful and that you are the one,
You can say you don't like anything I've ever done.
Let's get naked, in the night time,
Let's get naked! Oh!
Let's have babies, when the time's right!
When we're settled, let's have babies!
Let's have babies, oh you're pregnant,
We're not settled,
Let's have babies!
You can be the mummy and I can be the dad
I'll even let you spank them every time that they are bad,
Let's have babies, oh!
Let's get hammered, in the moonlight,
Have a big fight,
Let's get hammered.
Let's get hammered! Have a night off,
From the babies,
Let's get hammered!
We'll get a babysitter and not come back 'til half ten!
We'll have another fight and I'll be sleeping in the den,
Let's get hammered, in the moonlight,
Let's get hammered, oh!
Let's go dogging!
In a car park! In the suburbs!
Let's go dogging! Let's go dogging!
We can have fun, through the tears,
Let's go dogging!
I can stare directly into your eyes when I cum,
You can watch me as I finger Ian in the bum,
Let's go dogging, in the suburbs,
Let's go dogging! Oh!
Let's get married! In the morning!
With an omen! Let's get married!
Let's get married! In the sunlight!
When the time's right! Let's get married!
I can say you are my one and only truest love!
Something something monkey up above!
I can be your husband and you can be my wife!
I'll tell you that I love you every second of my life!
I can be your Tarzan and you can be my Jane!
I'll do my best to please you 'til you won't fucking complain!
Let's get married! In the daytime!
Let's get married! In the Spring time!
Let's get married! If we've got time!
Let's get married!

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Comments from YouTube:

Nick Helm

Sad to report, I did it myself. It's one of my skills.

Joe Tomlinson

Nothing interesting to say but I love Nick Helm

Heath Sims

This song is incredible

Gal Dagon

"We can have fun through the tears" might just be the single darkest lyric I've ever heard. Brilliant.

comides adictus

"I can be your Tarzan and you can be my Jane, I'll do my best to please you so you won't fucking complain!"

It's so brilliant


Nick helm constantly sounds like he needs a cough.

B74 Photography

This is one of Helm's best songs. It's basically a cynical love song but the whole performance is utterly superb. 

Ian Thistlethwaite

Love the reference to paul maccartney writing yesterday at the start. Really laughed hard at that

JayZinkoo 97

i remember watching this live on bbc 3 no way was it nearly 3 years ago :o

Jenova Strife

I want this song sung at my wedding one day. XD

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