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I Like Like You
by Nick Helm feat. Elliot Speller-Gillott

When I think about you, you make my chest feel all tight,
I have to shake my inhaler, suck with all of my might,
I see you walk down the halls but I don't think you see me,
I cannot focus in science, you give me ADHD,
I feel my temperature rise, I see my grades start to drop,
I'm near the bottom of class, I used to be near the top,
You make me sick in my mouth, you make me come out in hives,
You put my stomach in knots, I have to loosen my tie.
I don't like yoooou,
I like like yoooou,
I don't like yoooou,
I like like yoooou.
I'll walk you home after school, I'll walk you right to your house,
I'd like to give you a kiss but not a kiss on the mouth,
I'll take you out on a date, I'll meet you out by the gym,
And I should probably say, this song was written by him,
(Backing sings )
I'll save your space in the queue, I'll give you answers in maths,
I'll take you out to the zoo, when you sit by me in class,
It's everything that you say, It's everyhing that you do,
I don't just like you a bit,
I like like like you,

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