Planet Hell
Nightwish Lyrics

Denying the lying
A million children fighting
For lives in strife
For hope beyond the horizon

A dead world
A dark path
Not even crossroads to choose from
All the blood red
Carpets before me
Behold this fair creation of God!

My only wish to leave behind
All the days of the Earth
This everyday hell of my kingdom come

The 1st rock thrown again
Welcome to hell, little Saint
Mother Gaia in slaughter
Welcome to paradise, Soldier

My 1st cry never ending
All life is to fear for life
You fool, you wanderer
You challenged the gods and lost

Save yourself a penny for the ferryman
Save yourself and let them suffer
In hope
In love
This world ain't ready for The Ark
Save yourself a penny for the ferryman
Save yourself and let them suffer
In hope
In love
Mankind works in mysterious ways

Save yourself a penny for the ferryman.

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argh! only after nearly a decade and a half, do i realize why this song felt so familiar
the nightmares come back to haunt me.
i could only recall as i was heading into falado, and aws simply going to kill some guards to train my attack and and thievery skills.
but for a moment, the massacre began, and panic set in.
i tried running to the nearest bank to bank my items, but the banks where all crowded.
as terrified players pushed and shoved each other in panic, trying to save their belonging from being taken by a mad man killing people.
for some reason,we could not touch him, but he could.
my friend was caught in the rampage of the mad man, i warned him about the massacre going on, he assumed i was trying to scam him out of his Santa hat.
his last words where "wtf u hakin?" before a quick whip slash took him down, the santa hat, gone with him.
the killer approached the bank, as more players pilled over each other in terror of the thought of losing their trimmed runed armor, or their dragon chainbodies, with the screams of the slain echoing in the background. i kept telling myself this was all a dream or part of a quest i was doing.
I was sure to be a goner as he was only mere feets away from me, i stood in complete shock as my life flashed before my eyes, from the first time i got my first kill on some giant rats in cave, to helping a chef prepare a cake, to slaying an evil dragon on a deserted island, to fighting a mighty demon with the help of a bunch of gnomes.
i simply stood there and awaited my fate.
then everything when black for a few seconds, as the scream of the terrified players where suddenly silenced.
i looked up only to find a few players standing there confused as to what happened, the killer know as durial321 vanished, and some moderators told us that the nightmare was finally over, his rampage ended in edgecille, and once there, he was banished by the moderators before he who cause further bloodshed.
i cried in tears as i was happy to have been spared, but also sad as my friends, whom spent so much time in this world before me, where gone. many shared in the emotions, while others where either confused or thrilled to live another day.
today, after years of staying away from falador, i enter trough the south gate, looking at fresh new faces mercilessly kill the city guards for no reason, i pass by a guard, with a trembling stance, but a will to fight to the death. i simply pass by him wishing him no ill will as i take some coin out of his pockets unknowing of him. i wanted to check out the artisans workshop first, but i end up going to the bank to take some rune bars to smith.
I could still hear the screams of those that fell that day, the horror as they ran to the banks to store their items, how many like a wild stampede, stepping over each other, desperately trying to get to the bank tellers or the deposit boxes, or to simply hide from the bloodshed.
as i approached the bank stall, the banker looked at me and asked me "are you ok?"
I was trying to tell him i was fine, but the screams of those before me would echo in this small bank area, as if durial321 was still going around an murdering all those poor players, sometimes i would wonder why i was spared that day.

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A magical force stops you from moving.
A magical force stops you from moving.
A magical force stops you from moving.



Llew Boy

Getting full on Vietnam flashbacks by reading that





Eric Monaco

Ur fault


@Zeithri I care 😭😭😭😭😂😂😂😂🤣😂🤣😂😂


@Kamokkan More that no one cares for Runescape memes.


@Lactobacillus Probiotic You are cringe matey.

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Master T-poser 69

I don't play runescape but RIP to all the victims, my condolences goes out to their family and friends

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