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Nino Man Lyrics

I was a young boy that took rap as a hobby
where i can be me dont gotta act like nobody
i do this for the hustle that still trap in the lobby
some niqqas play fight then end up catchin a body
some right hands get left dor dead
some niqqas do bird shit for some extra bread
thats y me, wen u see me i be extra dead
i tell me bitch spice it up i need some extra head
as soon as u pass away people claim they miss u
but wen u was just there they didn't even hit u
i see this shit everyday thats y i got issues
y u wait for them to go to show em its official
we take to much shit for granted
i mean i get it but iys hard to understand it
they show u more love wen u dead or u remanded
that just show they like u better wen u vanish
yea ik i think to much
im in and out of clubs they think i drink to much
i stay away from niqqas cuz they hate to much
i do this for the cool kids who that use to hate school lunch
most people screamin gang gang gang but they gone regret
still trust niqqas cuz they aint makin enough money yet
niqqa that think they doin it aint doin it yet
life is a gamble, how mich u wanna bet
but imma make it clear y i do this
because the other rap dudes movin foolish
i just want the poor kids to know its possible
trust can make it and get straight through all them obstacles
it aint all about the money fam so whats stoppin u
they got money but u real so u poppin too
so stop lettin other peopla throw u off
everybody get a turn keep goin off
u may think they know the way bc they showin off
they look like they got the answer, they dont know it all
if u dont think u could do it then its quite for u
if they told u it couldn't happen they was lien too u
bitches didn't believe i would blow u
told them about my rap dream they said GROW UP
these bitches only want u wen u glowed up
now im on the road to riches they like hold up
now they pissed off mad like they aint the problem
like im shittin on em, i dont even think about em
a niqqa get on from the hood u know they hatin
not me a niqqa doin good that's motivation
that y i stay away man thats y i stay away
while they was sleepin on me i stayed awake

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Kawana Mutukwa

feeling this all the way from Zambia.

Jose Cuervo

Where is that ?

charles roldan in new york at this moment



Pop Eye

You done the entire video on one New York block don't even cross the street

Valarie Artis


Yung StΓΈry


Jonathan Batista

Dave East

15 More Replies...

Mario Pitts

if this ain't πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ you lying to yoself

Mariah Roberts


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