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The Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary Medley
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0:01 - Triforce Chamber ~ A Link to the Past

0:21 - Overworld ~ Spirit Tracks

1:39 - Dragon Roost Island ~ Wind Waker

3:49 - Main Theme ~ The Legend of Zelda

5:08 - Dark World ~ A Link to the Past

6:31 - Main Theme ~ The Legend of Zelda

7:10 - Zelda's Lullaby - A Link to the Past

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Fun Fact: This Anniversary Special Orchestra CD is now a decade old.


the realisation you posted this a year ago makes me feel incredibly old. and im 20.


Mother of god…


​@@weirdwolly409 we were the same age when we listened to this then, very beautiful


@@SuperSkyLimits i dont think ill stop listening to this when i have grandchildren. I hope they will ask me where this music is from when i play it. So that i can tell them all about the legend of zelda and the many adventures i have been on in those games.


@@weirdwolly409 for like 5 or six years I haven't touched a Zelda game, recently I've been playing ocarina of time randomizers and I've just been as hooked as I was when I played as a child

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5:42 to 5:43 is the loudest second of silence I've ever heard


why the hell can I not click those timestamps lol


@@Yes-me4pk ancient YouTube science


@@BenHA941 holy shit. This is rare but a comment nine years ago? And you replied? May not seem like a big deal but it is to me. 9 years, just wow! Lol idk why I’m so fascinated but I hope your doing alr.

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