Nneka Lyrics

Wake up every day we complain
What could build us is around us
But we only think to plain
Go too fast forget our pace,
Important is money and running ur ratrace
The little things around you
Could bring you joy if you see but
You are distracted by the world

Yeh we are created in a beautiful way
Yeh we are made by love and only love

Love is time we invest
In the things that make us grow
Just as love was the basis of
Gods creation just as nature shows
No matter what trials and
Tribulations you are going through
No matter how hard it seems,
How you live or how you look, yes yeh


You are made by the hands of god
You are so special and moulded with love


Contributed by Brody T. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Ferenc O.

Daughter of Igbo land. My sister May God always be with you!

Thais Machado

Melodia maravilhosa, voz suave e contagiante.


This song is beautiful....sometimes I wonder why it's so easy for us to forget that God created us beautiful...just the way we are! Kids aren't being told that enough.


She is such a good singer and very beautyfull !

Thomas C

She can't put out a bad track.. She is so blessed!


Where can I find a decent translation of this song? There are some words which are totally unfamiliar to me.


She is soooooooo amazing! I just 'discovered' her today ; two hours ago and i downloaded every video i could find from youtube of her! I enjoy her music so much (:

NattySoundz BlessUp

Yay ay we are created in a beautiful way - Yay ay We are made by love and only love. You are made by the hands of God, you are so special!!! Awesome!!! YAY AY!


I love the deep smooth afrikan earthy feel of this

Ruben ahlers

:O damn that's some good stuff right there

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