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Nneka Lyrics

I had a conversation yesterday,
About the reason for our existence
So many comfort themselves and say
Our fate is just coincidence
I switch on the TV, see the breaking news
So many souls they die swiftly
Even loved ones could be taken away so mysteriously

If I didn't ask, would you give me what I gave to you
If I didn't bleed, could you show me love like the way
I show my love to you
If I did not beg, could you do it by yourself,
Oh don't you know that the world needs you
If I didn't ask, could you give what I gave to you

Still occupied with a shadow
We live without sympathy
There is a sacred place in all of us
So we are in reality guilty
Some people take the word love
And use it to persuade
Yes, they have betrayed,
Cos' their truth of love has turned to hate


We need each other to grow
Like different rivers into one ocean flow
When she aches, take her hands,
Hold her up, show her beauty
In his heart, he feels pain,
Show him love, so he find safety
If I didn't ask, would you show me love
And if I didn't bleed
Oh would you give it to me
If I didn't beg
I beg you please show me love...

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