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NCS: Uplifting
NoCopyrightSounds Lyrics

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BlossomGamerVN♀ - 2k3 FA

- Tracklist:
+ 0:00 Tobu & Syndec - Dusk
+ 0:30 Friendzone feat. The Eden Project - Iris
+ 1:00 Matthew Blake feat. Katie Boyle - Saved Me Now
+ 1:30 Dropouts - Let Go
+ 3:00 Electric Joy Ride - Origin
+ 3:30 RedMoon feat. Johnny Rose - Only Us
+ 4:52 Itro - Panda
+ 5:37 Electric-Light feat. Nathan Brumley - Night Shines
+ 6:07 OLWIK feat. Johnning - This Life
+ 6:37 Lesko - Centus
+ 7:20 LarsM & Side-B feat. Aloma Steele - Over
+ 7:52 Johnny Third feat. Jeremy Fowler - Young Ones
+ 8:52 Codeko - Crest
+ 10:08 Alan Walker - Faded

All comments from YouTube:


this beautiful album brings back so many memories. man i loved old NCS. getting too big kinda ruined quality of songs on this label imo



YH The Gamer

The most nostalgic album with all of them being likeable in their own way, no wonder 2014 is my favourite NCS year, most of these songs are amazing and phenomenal!

Alex Camargo

We are lucky you uploaded this before they took it down, thanks! and rip this great album :/


So much nostalgia with this one. Time really goes by so damn fast :')


ur idea for this channel is amazing. you dont ever have to stop uploading as long as NCS wont stop releasing new songs, and this will be a great place to listen to all NCS songs, ye you could just listen to NCS playlist with all songs, but its really cool to see all these songs on one channel. And one idea: you could change ur profile pic to the one that was on NCS channel in your current upload year. for example you are uploading dec 2014 videos now so you can change ur pfp to the one from december 2014


U can make a playlist with only youtube reuploads, excluding soundcloud uploads


@NoCopyrightSounds - Deleted & Released ye both options are pretty cool

NoCopyrightSounds - Deleted & Released

Thank you!
I’ll keep this profile picture as throwback. It was once the NCS profile picture, and in my opinion its a great one with alot of nostalgia

Tronis 2.0

I've been a subscriber to ncs when this came out on the channel. Makes me feel sad that there deleting good stuff like this. I don't care that's it's old it's good and that should be all the reason to keep it

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