When Will It End
No For An Answer Lyrics

A violent trend of thought,
And though we're in control,
Our joy is lost,
We must not become like,
Those who came here to fight,
Why should we let our joy,
Turn to a force that will destroy?
When...WILL IT END!?!?! (3X)
When will all the violence end?
I have a seen a passive stance,
Turn to pride and then advance,
Into a state of social war,
Goals of the past, they seem no more,
When...WILL IT END!?!?! (3X)
With bridges burned we can't go back,
Unobtrusive days are in the past,
We've sounded out and so must stay,
And disregard past violence ways,
When...WILL IT END!?!?! (3X)

Contributed by Gabriella P. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:


They played the 2nd show I ever went to...June 1989 with Inside Out, Headfirst, Cringer and Reality Control.  Those were the days!

philip sims

im a drinker but still love these guys!

Dirty Deeds Done Real Steep

It's ok, they all drink anyway!

Samfia Drangus

This was my first HxC 7'. 1988. I shaved my mullet the next day.

My first band took our name from the final track.

King of Pentacles

Saw their first show at Fender's in '87. They ripped it up!! SXE


HC-Punk Classic!


So fucking good.

Renan Nassimbene

pré-powerviolence, amazing

Alex Burns

@Samfia Drangus THANK YOU, getting sick of 9 million subgenres, glad to see someone else just calls it hardcore

Piotr B

This is real hardcore dude, and there is no such thing as "power violence", that's a redundant label for more extreme hardcore.

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