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No Potion Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by No Potion:

Lindsay Lohan Circa 2009 I didn't think I would smoke one But here we are…

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Comments from YouTube:


This track is fire.

Ranger Kasdorf

I love how ethereal this song's instrumental sounds, and your vocal performance is so god damn fierce, I love it.


I'm still holding on to my own beats for...something. The ones you've heard up until now are usually given by my awesome producer buddies.


This is for me the best song you have made! Weak nights and Bouqet are amazing. But for some reason, Henry the wildman brings something loose!


Really enjoyed CAKETAPE, this track was cool and I like the way you raised and 'roughened' your voice at 0:47 and followed it up with some cooperative beast rhymes. It was a really awesome gimmick.


my favourite from caketape, fantastic visual


Gonna buy the caketape when I get paid just for apple juice !! Epic

Lavender Manna

As to The Caketape, my initial impression is simply that it's too *short*. I liked all the tracks, and not only the lyrics, but the beats themselves are fantastic and catchy on a lot of songs. My main qualm with length was Lollipop Lobotomies, which is a great track, but it feels like it just doesn't have enough verses in it, know what I mean? Messiah Facelift is probably my favorite song, and it's actually what got me into your music in the first place, because I'm subbed to Badministrator.


CAKETAPE was awesome. Favorites were Robophobic Freestyle,Apple Juice, and No Potion. By the way, I was wondering, do you look for something when you choose your visuals so they aren't removed from Youtube?


I missed you guys too. I'll make sure '13 is more interesting for you than it was last year.

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