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by Nocturnal Depression

And once again despair is kissing me
With her cold ghostly lips
My own destruction is leading me to my grave
That I digged for many times
And once again I'm becoming a spectral thought
Forgotten, sad, miserable s**t
As I fall into the black spheres among lonely memories
You've broken us, piece by piece

The score of my soundtrack is written by blood
Music of suicide written in red
I did it myself, my wrists are also opened
And like my tears, it's cascading
Everything has been lost behind us
On my kness, hands on my face
The sun is appearing into the spring morning
Where I'm lying there's just nothing than my dust

Now you don't care about him
You live on the other side of feelings
But our February snow
is now covering my lifeless body

Contributed by Kylie L. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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I just played this song live with my band as a cover. The entire crowd thought it was the Metallica song.

Now I'm even more suicidal

Brett Winchell

This type of music is good for just playing dead for a day and your losing your mind and. Past anxiety past all hope. And death went over him and hell demons took the life out of you like dementors



Brett Winchell


music ology

Buhay ka pa bang hayOp ka? 😭


HAHAHAHA Enter SLenderman

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When you’re too depressed to write your own riff

I want to die

@D. D. It's very similar to My Friend of Misery


D. D. This is better than Metallica in my opinion

D. D.

It doesn’t sound like metallica at all

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