Go the Distance
Norm Lewis Lyrics

I have often dreamed
of a far of place
where a heros welcome will be waiting for me
And the croud will cheer
when they see my face
and a voice keeps saying this is where im meant to be
i will find my way
i can go the distance
ill be there someday
if i can be strong
i know every mile
will be worth the while
when i go the distance and my journey is complete

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Comments from YouTube:

Tober Reilly

I think God poured all the honey and gold of the heavens into this one man's throat. It's frankly grossly unfair but Norm Lewis is glorious

Nicole Pickering

YEEESSS love the imagery. I think he would be AMAZING as Mufasa on Broadway. Someday....

Cassidy van Bavel

It's funny he sang this, because this song is literally just Stars from Les Mis if Javert were more optimistic and less angry.

Cecile Pham


Mel Encinas

haha! ♥

Jordan Heath

and didn't kill himself...


Omg I love Norm Lewis so much <3 <3 <3 I feel like he'd make a great Jethro from the Prince of Egypt!!!!

Sa'Ria Yarborough

I hope you’re alive still and kicking cause they’re making a prince of Egypt musical idk when with this rona nonsense but he needs to get the part



Shahdae Azura

he'd also make an amazing Mufasa too :D

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