Walk of Shame
Not Literally Lyrics

Hello daylight, my old friend.
I've gone and done it yet again.
And in the early morning light I see,
A Hufflepuff boy sleeping next to me.
Last night he seemed cute but now I'm thinking I was cursed.
But it gets worse.
It's time to take the walk of shame.

And from his creaky bed I creep.
Oh Merlin's beard please stay asleep.
The dungeon's never seemed so far away.
I haven't brushed my teeth since yesterday.
What I left in his room might make this my last hurrah: my wonder bra.
I must regret this walk of shame.

I see a prefect on the stair.
I can't avoid her knowing glare.
And I see figures moving through the fog.
The quidditch team out for their morning jog.
Then a gust of wing comes and blows my skirt over my ears.
The whole team cheers.
They know my past walks of shame.

But now I'm home so I don't care.
I brush the sandwich from my hair.
As I approach my bed I hear a snore.
My roommate's in it with some Gryffindor.
How thick her butterbeer goggles must have been
To sleep with him.
His turn to take the walk of shame.

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Alexander Landsberg

Cruel Story ;) hrhrhr so familiar

Best vocals I've ever heard in my life!
I'm completely addicted to this masterpiece of music!

Thumbs up, Ladies. Keep up this fantastic work!

Best regards.......


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In don't quite understand why she is walking through the whole castle AND even leaves it...
The Hufflepuff dormitories are practically right next to Slytherin's...

Queen Of all

KashisLittleAngel the moving stairs weren't cooperating

spicy spice


Iris Sanderson

Actually, a Slytherin and Hufflepuff isn't that far fetched. The Hufflepuffs would be open minded and not prejudiced against Slytherins and be loyal through the Slytherin's schemes. And vice versa, the Slytherin would add some excitement to the Hufflepuff's life.

Joshua Knight

Slytherin here, just shared this video with my Hufflepuff ex-girlfriend...

Rose Roberto

Yeah, the Fantastic Beasts series is about this...Newt is a Hufflepuff


I would prefer a Hufflepuff I suppose as well. Loyal, but I would make cracks about them and Vise versa. Like the hell's a hufflepuff???? Seriously

Shanae Myob

Iris Sanderson.. I agree... Im a hufflepuff and my partner is a slytherin

Anna Wasserman

I'm a Hufflepuff in the streets but I like Slytherins between the sheets.

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Lindsey Wermter

I love how you can totally see Ginny about to laugh when she's singing the sandwich part. Lol <3 Can't wait for the Ravenclaw Pride video!

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