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Head high up
High, up high
My head high up
High, up high

You're a flower
You're a river
You're a rainbow

Overall Meaning

The lyrics of Nujabes's song Reflection Eternal are simple yet profoundly insightful. The opening line "head high up, high up high" suggests an uplifting sentiment, encouraging listeners to keep their heads held high and never give up. It speaks to the idea of self-confidence, believing in oneself even when times are tough. This message is emphasized with repetition, suggesting its importance.

The following lines "you're a flower, you're a river, you're a rainbow" are an explicit statement of admiration and respect for the listener or the subject of the song. In some ways, it is an expression of love and appreciation - a reminder to celebrate the essence of one's inner beauty, spiritual purity, and individuality. By comparing the subject to natural objects, the song suggests that they have qualities that are both ephemeral and everlasting, like the beauty and power of nature.

Overall, Nujabes's Reflection Eternal's lyrics speak to an overarching theme of finding meaning in the simple things, and recognizing the power and beauty that exists within oneself and others. It is a reminder to look at the world through a different lens, one that can offer new perspectives and transform the way we think about ourselves and others.

Line by Line Meaning

Head high up
My posture is straight and dignified

High, up high
My head is lifted towards the sky

My head high up
My mind is focused and confident

High, up high
I am striving for excellence

You're a flower
You are unique and beautiful

You're a river
You are constantly flowing and changing

You're a rainbow
You are a symbol of hope and diversity

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:


Sai a volte annego nel testo
Il mio stile di pensiero teso
non mi aiuta e rimango disteso
Ricerco rime in modo intenso
È la noia e tutto il resto
magari la risposta la cerco indietro
Prima di immerterti metti la retro
Il retropensiero si fa oscuro tetro
La mente si frantuma come il vetro

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Rest in peace, Nujabes.


When he pass?


@CJ-tc7xh  He died in a traffic accident on February 26th, 2010. He was 36.


This song feels like pure love. “You’re a Flower, You’re a River, You’re a Rainbow”


Dude is crazy underrated. All of his music is good


Anyone who underrates Najubes knows nothing about music.


@@BrothersByBud nah they just have bad taste


Everyone knows he's one of the masters. Or the lofi god


@@BrothersByBud well good thing they underrate najubes not nujabes



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