World's End Rhapsody
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Betcha if you can check it out baby, you will know why, that i love you.(Repeat)

Overall Meaning

The lyrics of Nujabes's song World's End Rhapsody convey feelings of deep affection and devotion towards someone special. The lines "Betcha if you can check it out baby, you will know why, that I love you" suggest that the singer's love for their beloved is inherently evident and apparent, and can almost be sensed or discovered through observation alone. The repetition of this phrase emphasizes the singer's certainty and conviction in their love, as if it is a fact of the universe that cannot be denied or contested.

The use of the word "baby" adds a sense of tenderness and intimacy to the lyrics, as if the singer is addressing their significant other with genuine fondness and warmth. The phrase "check it out" also suggests a sense of playfulness and casualness, as if the singer is encouraging their beloved to simply take a closer look and recognize the depth of their love.

Overall, the lyrics of World's End Rhapsody convey a simple yet powerful message of love and devotion, and the repetition of key phrases adds a sense of emphasis and conviction to these feelings.

Line by Line Meaning

Betcha if you can check it out baby
I'm confident that if you take the time to understand, you'll see the truth

you will know why, that i love you.
You'll understand the reasons why I have such strong feelings for you.

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This man saved me from a life of hate just by sheer sound. One of my all time favorite artists forever!


im curious about the path u were tracing, if you dont mind, can you give us a peek?




stay well


Be well. Nujabes saved me too


mind your business
-love @@pauloduarte2021

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This song has such a different vibe. So unapologetically upbeat. RIP hip-hop legend 💙


That's why this is my ringtone!


discovered Nujabes around 2017, got me through undergrad. it's hard sometimes to listen to his music because i'm so in awe of how beautiful his music is that I find myself sometimes either dancing and screaming the lyrics from the samples or just crying as I listen to his music. either way, I am so thankful for his music.


Every emotion in 300 secs, knows it.
life, death and every moment inside, outside and in between!!!

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