Nujabes feat. Pase Rock & Substantial, City Lights: We need your help!

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City Lights
by Nujabes feat. Pase Rock & Substantial

[Verse 1]
Always in trouble need love on the double spent cake
And a lifetime climbing to the level
Contract with the devil loopholed expiration date
On the side of good people always set the record straight
Round and round the piano keys meditate
Felt in the music need it now can't let it wait
Not a secret everything is all out and exposed
It's going down like the water in the river flows
How it goes another day another story told
Stuck inside the puzzle searching still trying to get a hold
Forgotten souls got lost in the cold trying
To get freedom now they need 'em walking down to hope road
Said they hope so but it was a no go
Front row stage show well placed logo
Fancy lights and the cameras are on
But he don't care he's just there to sing another sad love song

[Hook: Pase Rock]
Fade to black the soundtrack to another night
Is the music of the rain and the city lights
Feel no pain it makes the whole city bright
Without the sparkle or hype it's just another night (x2)

[Verse 2]

(Pase Rock)
And they all knew what it was from the first glance
No excuses should've planned in advance man

Documented on ProTools or Tascam
Struggles & hustles of an ordinary black man

(Pase Rock)
Spin a record with two week life span
Can't find a good girl so we hug the mic stand

Not a lot of paper left in his right hand
Making enemies of folks he treated like fam

(pase rock)
Stone cold solid rock every point stop
What you lean on soon as the pressure drops

Ghetto hot
Know the ledge and you'll hear the shot
But he'll never stop
'Til his name's known on every block

(pase rock)
Spread my wings fly away to the night beat
He's wide awake while the rest of the city sleeps

In these gritty streets
Dudes creep with plenty heat
Pay it no mind and we grind losing plenty sleep

[Verse 3: Substantial]
Yo... Yo...
Some play for keeps while you laid asleep
In the dark your worst nightmare waits for he
Anything discern, no dawn or despair
Air's crisp and calm I think a storm is near
And I'm watching lightning dance across the skyline
Usually miss it, rarely find time
To bask in blackness, hint of line shine
But in a jazz pub chilling, sippin' with fine wine
Hypnotize by the strum of the upright
Feel like lost souls got their eyes on me some nights
So keep my eyes wide and move cautious
Slip and find yourself in a brand new coffin
By the morning...
Now you're one with the night breed
You should've known better if you're anything like me
But the city lights will seduce you
Daywalkers beware if it's not what you're used to

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