I Don't Belong
OFF! Lyrics

Your high social caste
Privileged friends
You lure me in
But I can't be your friend
Hit on Miss Liberty
Under the cherry tree
Drunk on hypocrisy
I'm standing in the shadows
And I'm pissing in the punchbowl
I don't belong
Cocktail party
Pin the tail on the donkey
Icing on my face
But I don't like the taste
Right wing mentality
God and democracy
Red carpet royalty
I'm standing in the shadows
And I'm pissing in the punchbowl
I don't belong

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Comments from YouTube:


This is how I feel as an aging punk citizen. God love the kids that continue our ideals but seriously. The eye rolls I get when hanging out at the young places and it's I'm one of you. I just unfortunately had time take its toll.

mark Ragus

The fact you are there means you belong! Let them find out!

PunkRock Popeye

I'm glad I don't belong : )


I REALLY like this band!!

Jim Young

"RED CARPET ROYALTY, I'm standing in the shadows and pissing in the punch bowls" I just got that... wow that's brilliant lyrics


This just restored my faith in new music. Thanks Keith!!!

Daniel de la Rosa

They're so great live! Keith is a vet.


Most the people look like they're related to Keith..

mar ie

<3 mmmmm


This is so refreshing to hear, takes me back to when punk rock sliced through the hypocrisy.

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