OFF! Lyrics

Tell me where to rest
Don t pull me off your mist
Cause you were wrong

So wrong
You take your . you are bad
You are wrong

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Comments from YouTube:

Kane Sutton

Jack Black's finest film.

Muh Feels

Just when I thought Jack Black was only capable of being a big gay panda he comes back with this and almost changes my mind.

Phantasma Geist

punk killed the metal,

Victor Dias

thanx god! hahaha




Damn I love OFF! Hard to really type anything else that would express how much I love this band. love the new album. Can't wait for the next one.

Evan Mykle Hornick

My fifteenth time watching it in a row and it still sounds awsome

Dan Bam

When you see Jack Black and OFF! together, it makes your day totally complete.
This is badass.

Dan Bam

Dude that was so awesome! :D I loved it.
How about the sequel to it? That was also cool!

Count Drunkula the Punkula

I hope you saw the new OFF!cial Video for "Over Our Heads! x)

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