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Slaughtered Like Swine
by Oceano

Centuries wasted
Wallowing in our defecation.

An entity overwatches silent yet in disgust,
Evoking a thirst for destruction!


A divine intervention is underway,
To cleanse our burden of mistakes.

Clouds transform into a mammoth storm as the skies blacken with ash.
Downpours of sulfur nauseate and fill your chest.

Overwhelming showers of flames eat through the flesh.
Screaming like suffocated swine this is our punishment.

Only few remain, for he's unsympathetic within his campaign.
Screaming like suffocated swine this is our punishment.

Remnants of scalded skin permeate an unpleasant stench serving
As reminder his hands are only temporarily cleansed.

Casualties are taken to stimulate change!

Contributed by Madison V. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:


ill use this to scare my grandparents ...ill tell them were gonna listen to marvin gay tho


I'll use this to scare my friends.

Negaren51 ¡¡No Lap-Fox!!

For my top heaviest songs of all times


2:17 You're welcome

Tijl Trienen

Heaviest most destructice deathcore breakdown of all time

Wes Sones

I'll use this to scare my neighbors


Lead singer from south chicago right by me chicago raised band!

Jay Dallas


Matt M


El Negro

Ill use this to scare any metalhead with a minimum common sense

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