Off Kilter Lyrics

Sit back and relax, to the new creation
Of Off Kilter, we’re the best in the nation
All you would’ve beens, could’ve beens, whoever you are
You want to be a bagpiper so you’ll be a star

You’re an educated, duplicated,
Well known dictator
Cool calm collected movin’ up like an elevator
Too hot to hold, to rock to control
A little bit of wit, lots of soul

Make some noise
We’re the Off Kilter boys

Like a warrior’s bow freshly carved and strung
We march to the sound of the double kick drum
We speak our language and throw our axes
The only thing final is death and taxes

We’re an equal temper of heroic heart
Every man here really slays their part
Illusion of life, we take our stand
From superficial stress we’ve got a celtic rock band

Make some noise
We’re the Off Kilter boys

Make some noise
We’re the Off Kilter boys

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Uncle BobMarley

*how i miss the golden era of hip hop.
loose pants , tight lyrics
real gansters want to be rappers

*this mummble era of hop hip
tight pants, loose lyrics
wannabe rappers want to be gangsters

*R.I.P .
2Pac (1971 -1996)
NOTORIOUS BIG (1972 - 1997)
BIG L (1974 - 1999)
BIG PUN (1971 - 2000)

the game would have been so different if there were alive.

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“I ain’t rapping to fast, y’all just listening to slow”

Dj Hemp2o


Dimitri Reznov

MF doom said it

Leo Polisi


ItsxKingx209 Stockton

Weak and Wack Beats 😂🤣🤣

King Ramesez

Sometimes it's just your personal perception of rap. People who grew up listening to new millennial rap think 90s rap is off beat. And some people think Bay Area and fast lyrical rap is off beat. I'm a rapper that dies both and I get very little complaints

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Myfree Red

Uhh... Nah mostly everyone is on beat they just enunciate the words at different times.... Blueface is offbeat fr tho lmao


@Andrew Sanabria rude af but correct

Valerie Hazlett

And Yung Miami!!


@skymanderggg _ just FYI, syncopation is the off beat, or the up beats as we would really call it. The "ie" , "and" , and "a"

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