Omar Lyrics

When you feel that you've had enough
And the times are feeling really much too tough
Just take it out get some fresh air
Feel the breeze cool the heat taking over your head
Too much to mention of what's going on
But please believe me there's so much i gotta cool it down

All i have to do to stop is out the door
I know i can make it have it all
I don't have to take it with my back against the wall
I feel it inside to get my self right outside
Whatever's in my head no time to solve
Just time to get away
I'm getting out for the day
I'm gonna take it all the way

My daddy says when he's old enough
He gonna go back to the place where he grew up
He can feel the world closing in
He says it's time for a new way of thinking and living
Too much to mention of what's going on
But please believe me there's so much i gotta cool it down

Repeat If it's about to blow then take it outside, get outside

Writer(s): Lamont Herbert Dozier Copyright: Beau Di O Do Music

Contributed by Bentley Y. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:


Yesssss sing it Omar!!!!!!! Love this man's voice

Carla Willliams

One of a kind! Kindred musicality.

Neil Taylor

This can never age,everyday stress and dramas will always be upon us so this song will always soothe.One love people.👊🏾


Still fresh in 2018!

Tajma Cameron

Incredible artist


Its Criminal how underrated he is... forget in the UK ...WORLDWIDE!

Lady Luck

@T Rex I got on in '95. I am still a fan. He still making music and doing live gigs. He's good! There were big music acts that had sold out stadiums and pandemonium along with it. Where they at now? OMAR still here!!! Just enjoy!

T Rex

@Lady Luck Dude should have a larger following and would of if he had more exposure. If Ed Sheridan or Justin Bebier have enormous fan base, why not Omar?

Lady Luck

He is not underrated. He's got a worldwide, faithful fan base. They have large-scale music award shows in the UK and he is on them if that is what your are talking about. He also got knighted by Queen E-lizard-beth as well.

Paul Rouhan

DonaldWunder No one can move a room like Omar!

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