Omar Lyrics

When things get right on top of you, its time to get away
Put down the work put down the books, yes it´ok
Paint a picture in your mind maybe you will find some solitude
I know I can find it anda baby it´s with you

Sing if you want it, sing if you need it
You won´t regret it, when you can feel it
I can see stars shine, I can see rainbows
From eat to west coast, thet´s the way my love grows

When things ain´t working out too good, put yourself in a dream
Where anything is possible, oh yes we agree! Yeah
Anywhere you want to go your inner-self will know
And you should listen too yeah
I know we can make it and baby we´ll pull through yeah


Just trust me and hold on
I promise won´t let go
It can always be this way
Trust and believe the things I say


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Comments from YouTube:


omar is my favourite soul singer EVER! always feel good listening to his music..hope he never stops!

Minecraftmom 86

These words! 😍 "When things ain't working out too good, put yourself in a dream. Where anything is possible!...And where you want to go, your inner self will know..." So powerful. I've listened to this song for years, but I've never heard it like this.


Eleasah Chance literally just had the same experience

Amauri Xavier

muito da hora esse som,gostei!!!

Robert Bassey

Love, Love this tune


Luv this tune, its soooo relaxin!!


he is it!!!!


Positive vibe......Played this at a jazz set everyone wanted to know who it was!!!!! I found about about Omar in 1997.   Good brother positive mind set


Cant get this tune outta my head. You done it foustarmed... Omar to the next level.

Sweetlocs Taylor

loving the video!!! you rock Omar!

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