Omar Lyrics

When things get right on top of you, its time to get away
Put down the work put down the books, yes it´ok
Paint a picture in your mind maybe you will find some solitude
I know I can find it anda baby it´s with you

Sing if you want it, sing if you need it
You won´t regret it, when you can feel it
I can see stars shine, I can see rainbows
From eat to west coast, thet´s the way my love grows

When things ain´t working out too good, put yourself in a dream
Where anything is possible, oh yes we agree! Yeah
Anywhere you want to go your inner-self will know
And you should listen too yeah
I know we can make it and baby we´ll pull through yeah


Just trust me and hold on
I promise won´t let go
It can always be this way
Trust and believe the things I say


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Comments from YouTube:

Stephen Young

Omar, an Original. Your ear will recognize this distinct voice.

Rakes & Ladders

Thanks for the upload - this is a great album and Omar is one of Britain's many underrated gems 👌🏽

jay b

never knowingly under-rated, just underplayed by the mainstream radio ;)

Michael Lewis

Underrated is a under statement for this artist. Dude is amazing.


maybe because his artist name is just omar (difficult to find him by searching omar on the web)


Someone needs to book him in the states frequently definitely the bomb with sounds and lyrics!!!

T Rosemore

Seen him twice. Once in New Orleans and once in L.A.

Take Me Back: Pirate Radio Archives

He's a national treasure and an inspiration!!! This is a timeless album. Food for the soul. Bless!!

Tumelo Moniwa

The first 2 tracks are BANGERS!! I had reload from the start ahaha. Can’t believe I’ve only just found these gems! I’ve listened to your music for years but only a couple that are dear to me! You are an Incredible versatile artist


I remember when I was sat in a car with my two cousins and their dad (I'm on their mother's side of the family). We had been listening to music as he was driving us to the West End (London) where he was dropping us off. He was always introducing us to new music, but without pushing it on us, just playing it in his car whenever we traveled with him. Well, all of sudden 'Stop Messing Around' played on his car system. We went totally crazy. The music was just electric. And that was our introduction to Omar. I was twenty at the time. Shortly after that I bought the album. And then anytime I knew of a new album I went straight out to buy it. Omar has NEVER disappointed. He just has this unique recipe which seems to always work. It's now 28 years after I first heard Omar, and still loving the music. He's one of those artists that has me loving practically all of the tracks on all of the albums I have.

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