Omnia Lyrics

I wanna be a legionair
I'm gonna shave off all my hair
Walk real stupid, talk real loud
I'm gonna make my mother proud
I wanna be a legionair
I'll wear a dress, but I don't care
An army camp is now my home
I'll kill and maim and rape for Rome
Scutum! (shield)
Pilum! (javelin)
Sin, dex, sin, dex!

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Comments from YouTube:


what Steve is saying while drumming is "sin, dex, sin" - meaning "left, right, left". "Scutum" and "pilum" are, if I'm not mistaken, a type of sword and a spear. the other words are lating, but I don't know the exact translation


wtf this is amazing XD


@missromeintje91 thank you verry much!

Øystein Håvard Færder

Hmm, this drummer looks like Tom, who played drums for Omnia 2009-11. But this concert must be long before that. Is it the same guy?

Øystein Håvard Færder

Is this from right before Crone of War came out?

pablo cordova

what his saying starting the song?