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One Be Lo Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by One Be Lo:

Anybody [Intro One.Be.Lo] {*Beatboxing*} Aight, I'm ready How y'al…
Axis {*"Man it's a trip"*} {*"Man it's a trip"*} (turn) {*"Man it…
Deceptacons [Chorus] Some things change, some things stay the same Feeli…
Hip Hop Heaven Yo, yo, last night it was dead I feel asleep early,…
Oggie [OneBeLo] This is dedicated to the third George, aiyyo I mi…
Propaganda [Chorus] Who got the props? Who got the props? Magazines a…
The Future [Female] What are you thinkin about right now? [Verse 1 -…

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Comments from YouTube:


Whenever this track comes on shuffle, i stop what im doing and lose control of whatever I'm concentrating on. How the fuck is it so sick idk


I mean he doesn't get respected by the masses. Only people who know true Hip Hop respect him, but we are the minority.

Rory M

Shroudborn relax about that. Hasn't the Subterraneous records said they only need one fan to rock the show?


one of the greatest hip-hop songs ever!


Theres so many, Double Essay, enecS ehT nO kcaB, The Future, Ben Frank just 2 name a few. Thanks 4 the comment. Peace.


This is the exact version from the 12" and the exact wording also from the 12", what are you talking about


I think your talking about a track called Deceptacons from the s.o.n.o.g.r.a.m. album. "Hot enough to make the devil cop a lemonade"


Taking me back, i first heard this in '01, when i first met my brother Lo... still one of my favorites, and the beat is classic!!!


I love doing graffiti. Some of my friends dont understand my ambition for it. The intro explains what i couldn't, & had me hooked. & the rap got me tied mentaly. -Enzo


Its on an album called STILLBORN. Check out one be lo's Myspace its on there.

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