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Wake Up Call
by Only Seven Left

On the edge of a passing day.
Times are fading, thoughts are washed away.
The moon is taking over.
Underneath the stars I've walked for miles.
I crossed a river just to see your smile.
I see you standing and I try to reach out for you.
Do you hear that sound? Beep, beep: wake up call.
You thought you had it all but it was all a dream.
It's a brand new day and you're not planning to stay.
So wake up, get out of bed. We are running out of time.
Our love is ending, say goodbye.
'Cause this might be our last chance.
'Cause I hear that sound again.
Try to snooze and sleep again,
back to that dream where you live in.
This can not last, I can't get track.
I just want you back.

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Comments from YouTube:

I am Machine

I"ve seen them yesterday when i was at Tokio hotel. they played this song too:P


The song is great, but they're torturing me with that alarm clock!


This is awesome! And I'm not from Netherlands c:

Hannah Lips

i like itt. <3 Hinnee :$


Awesome. Plus, it's also a song everyone can relate to. I know I can.


1:33 zijn hoofd xD


Good music:D But I went to a concert of them and they were a bit...look at me I'm famous. Give ME an applaus! Not that cool guys... But the music is!

Iris Teunissen

I love the voice and the guitar!!!! so beautyfull!


aaaaaaaaaaah ilovethem!

Princey Pup

@wesleyis16 dan ga je tog lkkr naar jb luisteren -_-'

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