In Due Time
Onward Lyrics

One more year just past today
A year ago I felt the same
Trapped in a lost situation
And solutions are too complicated
One more year will pass again
The hourglass just starts to end
The time I need lays before me
To kill my never-ending story
In due time, sands won't fall
May the moment freeze so I can take time to keep
I'll see

What is ever-moving
closer seemed so far away
In time - tomorrow will become today
What is left behind forever is too far away
In time - the past will only stay
In time - all that's left is my stone name

One more tear just fell today
A tear that tries to wash my pain
Wasted in a useless location
Not in mind was this dull vocation
One more tear will pass again
A wishful thought my only friend
So much time I have now before me
I'll start to write my unknown story

(repeat chorus)


In due time sands will fall
When my moment comes
I'll keep the time that I need

To have

Tomorrow what was ever moving closer is now here today
In time - I'll forget my lonely days
No sorrow - I have left behind forever my void-filled days
In time - the past will breathe my name
Tomorrow - gone away and moving onward to better days
In time - I'll laugh the nights away
No sorrow - try for now to see forever my glory-filled days
In time - all time will know my name
In time - in time we'll see the end

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Comments from YouTube:


thanks for posting this great band.. great album.. too bad they didn't keep it up


loooove this band saw em live a few years ago when they were at november to dismember

Peter Kumke

Fantastic CD!!! Michael Grant sounds great!!!

Μιχάλης Νταλάκος

Υπερτρισμέγιστος δίσκος!


@LSDMizery I had high hopes for this band. I attended that fest as well, I still have the footage from their set.

patrick house

You need to post The Next Triumph songs. That is the most epic songs on this album.


That broad is confusing. I do it all my own way.

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