The Grassy Knoll
Opio Lyrics

(feat. Planet Asia)

"Who am I, I woulda done the same thing.
I don't wanna get shot either."


Warning, out to bake, about my cake
Skinny not a glutton but the future's at stake
Make ya hand-shake harder than Jake LaMotta
So I can get an APM my neighbors can follow
The Hiero, emblem, official as Timberland
That's why the crowd roar like a RalliSport engine
Now pay attention, it's not about my automobile
It's the real, it's the prodigal skill
And I'm droppin it still, and I probably will
'til apocalypse come and they see you in hell
I'm, behind the wheel like "Taxi Driver"
Revenge on his mind and a strap beside him
But that's not an advertisement for violence
It's more the mindset, an abstract concept
One that I bond with against all odds
And not all talk, I play my part

[Chorus: Opio]
I got the best vantage point, I'm on the grassy knoll
Watched it all unfold, man the lies they sold
To you and you and him.. to all the people in front
And all the people in the back you was set up!
I won't play the fall guy, or the eyewitness
So keep me out that circus, and keep mindin ya business
For my people speak the truth, man I just want justice
So follow one, two, three - c'mon!

You in a brand new sportscar, they in a scraper
Stomach growlin, they prowlin - WAKE UP!
Wait meet ya maker for goodness sake-ah
Face on the news, picture in the pap-er
This flesh and blood right, this ain't Hollywood
You really should keep your composure, and don't get sloppy
At the bar, ten shots of Courvois'
And didn't see the baracudas glarin at you - costly
Now there's pandemonium and mass confusion
Cause what he holdin in his hand came from a action movie
(Ohh wee) Nigga Steven Seagal
When you see the revolver, you givin it all up
The master card for the keys to your car
To the core and MC's hymns, you subordinate to them
People livin in squalor, you might not see tomorrow
You got a brand new life chillin under ya collar


[Planet Asia]
Overseas, we twist tobacco for rizzlers
Me and Opio, that's like Capleton and Sizzla
The backwoods Swisher from the sack that I twist up
The mack with a pistol in the Cadillac pickup
Revolutionary with his wrist up; complex but
I'm simplistic, talk shit like my Soul is Michief (yeah!)
Instrument, spit MPC-6
Opio part of the history of artists who conduct business
So what I'm basically sayin is
You need to pay a lil' more attention to the niggaz that was lacin me
Nowadays I yoke mics like Royce Gracie
In front of thousand and thousands of Ben Franklins
All day we in pursuit of the cash
It's all bad, if you ain't affiliated with the staff
We made it, to the top and we graduated
As pioneers yeah now we all animated

C'mon! [echoes]

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