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# A.T.U. 好一朵美丽的茉莉花 好一朵美丽的茉莉花 芬芳美丽满枝芽 又香又白人人夸 不让谁把心摘下 就等那个人爱呀 茉莉花呀茉莉花 …
A (ACE) Made it out the gutter I gotta succeed YSL my cologne,…
Baby J & mlshbts Yeh Es Baby Jey otra ve′ (Ah-ah) Mlshbts otra ve', yeh (Ah-a…
Be-Rock She hates when I'm gone I still gotta leave if I…
H-sie 拆开了爱情的保鲜 赏味期限是没上限 凭我感觉自由来挑选 酸酸 甜甜 都由我做主 看到你的微笑 像可口的樱桃 笑着对我说你…
S.B.C. Life is made of wonderful things But we keep messing it…
Space and Missile Visions of my past take hold of me I'm hearing voices…
Sterling V. Scott Fuck 12 Man I know they be watching Bitch bad But I know…
The Rebel Chief I tried to get close to you for certain But self-depre…

Wyld Katz Monster Monster In the Monster In the Toilot In the…

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Comments from YouTube:

Spraynard Kruger

an amazing album. even better when performed live :P

Fernando Guarneros

This song brings to my head the soundtrack of Metal Gear Solid 4. Awesome band =]


excelent piece


Damn son this shit is tiiiiiiiiiiiight

Jack Samuel

this music fucking awesome. 999 views ! Bitch!!



George Christie


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