Under Your Spell
Original Television Soundtrack Lyrics

Amber Benson

I live my life in shadow
Never the sun on my face.
It didn't seem so sad, 'tho.
I figured that was my place.

Now I'm bathed in light.
Something just isn't right.

I'm under your spell.
How else could it be
Anyone would notice me?
It's magic, I can tell.
How you set me free,
Brought me out so easily.

I saw a world enchanted,
Spirits and charms in the air.
I always took for granted
I was the only one there.

But your power shone,
Brighter than any I've known.

I'm under your spell.
Nothing I can do.
You've just took my soul with you.
You worked your charms so well.
Finally I knew. Everything I dreamed was true.
You make me believe.

The Moon to the Tide.
I can feel you inside.

I'm under your spell.
Surging like the sea.
Drawn to you so helplessly.
I break with every swell.
Lost in ecstasy.
Spread beneath my Willow tree.
You make me complete!

You make me complete.
You make me complete.
You make me complete.

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Comments from YouTube:

Super Skully

This scene is so brilliant. The double meaning in the lyrics: on one end is beautiful, the other is horrific. Willow literally put a spell on her.


All the feels...omg

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