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Orquesta Zodiac Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Orquesta Zodiac:

El Adios Te digo adios si acaso te quiero todavia quizas no he de…
Llamame Te digo adios si acaso te quiero todavia quizas no he de…
Melancolia sufro melancolía dentro de mi corazón pues desde aquel día n…
Panteon De Amor Son Las 12 se abre el panteon jajaja jaja ..... Un hombr…
Sinceridad Sinceridad, pena y olvido sinceridad, pena y olvido Quedo de…
Tremendo Problema "Y vámonos pa' el danzón". (Tremendo problema... el que ten…

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Comments from YouTube:

Sean Parisi

I would love to see the Amaterasu revival legion deck


id say granblu since if im correct one of the few clan u havent covered  at all yet

Andy Uy

Could you tell me the sing saver nerf


In WGP thailand 

top 3 is
Kagero (the great)
Royal (sing saver)
Dimension Robo  (BR/Legion)


Btw y isnt deletors topping i mean they seem pretty strong i use them


What do you think is the best build for shadow paladin legion. I was going to build a cormak and phantom blaster deck or would Mordred/Phantom blaster be best?

Jern Hoe Kouhai-san

you're from Hong Kong? I thought Singapore ._.

Jern Hoe Kouhai-san

and I know your "family problems" there. you all having protest right? must be hard on you


Yeah I don't know why people would think that...
I had NEVER before said I was from Singapore. Every meta update, vlog I say I'm from Hong Kong :/
I guess people just don't listen.

Harald Straume


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