Champagne And Wine
Otis Redding Lyrics

Sittin' here thinking, about the times I roamed
Different girls, that I have known
Of all girls, that I have met
You are the one girl that I can't forget, listen

We had our time, now
Good and bad, now
I can't forget a man
I sho' ain't gonna forget him, now
Remember Side Stream
Where we used to meet
Making love, nobody but you and me

Champagne and wine
That's what you gonna get
Champagne and wine
What it's gonna be
Just as long girl you see about me
I'm gonna be, knocking on your door
I want the same love, that I had before, listen

I'm a man now
Full grown man
You got me eating from the tip of your hand
I don't mind eatin', long as you feed me
Good love and good ole sympathy

Champagne and wine
That's what it's gonna be
Everyday, is gonna just be like Sunday
Every night your gonna have stars in the sky

Ou giving you
Champagne and wine
I'm gonna give it to you
Ou, ou weeh
Ou, na na na na na na na na na na
Ou weeh baby
Giving you champagne and wine
I want you to love me, baby
I really do need you, honey
Really do want you baby

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@Roger Walden
Dear Mr Walden...
Is this really you?? Can't believe I'm writing to an actual friend of Otis...

I just watched this interview:

I think the way you talked about him was wonderful!
(I also liked the YouTube video about Percy Sledge...)

Thank you so much for what you've given us!
I know Otis because my father used to love soul music... Otis' music means a lot to me. You did so many great songs! Thank you!

Greatings from Germany...

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Cedar Shoals

Re-discovering my home state musical icons. Otis was one of the best. When he died my local radio station played a 12 hour tribute to him (unprecedented). Why do so many of the true greats have to leave us so soon?


How can a song be so sexy and full of love? It never fails to lift me up.

Callum Macrae

Im white & Scottish aswell and still sing this 🕺🕺🕺 love it i usually sing it drunk but ive heard im not too bad gor a white guy 😂😂😂

Shelby Cobb-Dewberry

Roger Walden Wow‼️

Callum Macrae

Incredible song I actually sing this song atleast twice a day.

Roger Walden

TY TY TY! I wrote this with Otis and Roy Lee Johnson just before his plane crash.......Alan Walden,Co Manager

Shay Tay

The beat and Otis voice a winning combination!!😍

Roger Walden

TY TY TY! I wrote this with Otis and Roy Lee Johnson just before his plane crash.......Alan Walden,Co Manager

Sher Lizz

My all time favourite by Otis!

Johnny Green

Love my soul m

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