I'm Sick Y'all
Otis Redding Lyrics

Standin' outside, y'all
It's raining, children
Gettin' soaking wet
And it's raining, y'all
Been put out, y'all
Nowhere to go, children
People all ask me, son
Tell me what's wrong with you
Tell 'em I've been sick, y'all, yeah
Yes, I've been sick, children, yeah

My baby got me
In a terrible shape
Lord, she got me sufferin'
With a headache, yeah

Lord, pain in my heart workin'
Dragging my feet, y'all
Twelve long days, children
Had a bite to eat now
y'all want to know, yeah
Tell me what's wrong with me
Said I've been sick, y'all, yeah
Tell you I'm sick, y'all, yeah

Now no doctor's medicine
Will do me no good
Lord have mercy, children
I wished it would, yeah

Somebody, sick, bad shape
Pain, children, tremblin', y'all
Legs are tremblin', Lord
Hands are tied
Feel like I got a headache
Right here in my side
Heart's turning over
Beating like a drum, y'all
Tom tom tom, yeah
Heart's keep a beating, baby
Now what's wrong with me
Tell y'all I'm sick, y'all
Said I'm sick, y'all
Got me in a terrible shape
Yeah honey

Sufferin', children
Lord, I'm tired of it, honey
Rain is cold, children
Burnin' my side, y'all
Standing on the outside
Water in my shoes, children
She got me suffering, baby
Oh that's bad news, man
She got me moaning, y'all
Troubles out calm, yeah
She got me startin' to think
Where did I come from, y'all
Tell you I've been sick, y'all
Yeah, I've been sick, y'all
Everybody want to know.

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Comments from YouTube:


Otis singing I'm sick y'all with feeling, that's why I just love Otis!

Red Deserted

Lost at 26 ffs. Imagine if he had lived another 30 years.

mink mack


Moses Murphy

I've been there Otis

eric westy

where 4real music started

tricky dick

Pity the voice too in the background.

Jordan Rios

Good song, poorly mixed. The vocals should be a lot louder.

Alan Wilson

@Alan Cassaro dude, if u can beg up the original 45, it'll knock u DOWN!

Alan Cassaro

I'm sure the mono mix is better.


True, but I guess there is no better mixed version, right? We have to be thankful that it exists!
And it's one of my absolutely favorites. Because it's so powerful and fun.
Even (and maybe also because) it's not perfect and raw.

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