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Mr. Pitiful
by Otis Redding

Call me Mr. Pitiful
Baby, that's my name now, oh
Call me Mr. Pitiful, that's how I got my fame
But people just don't understand, now
What makes a man feel so blue
Ooh, they call me Mr Pitiful 'cause I lost someone just like you, yeah

They call me Mr. Pitiful
This, everybody know now
They call me Mr. Pitiful most every place I go
But nobody seems to understand now
How can a man sing such a sad song, now
Ooh, when he lost everything, when he lost everything that he had

How can I explain to you
When somebody had been so very blue?
How can I tell you about my past
If all things won't end?

Mr Pitiful
That's my name now
They call me Mr. Pitiful, that's how I got my fame
But nobody seems to understand now
Ooh, what make a man feel so blue
They call me Mr. Pitiful 'cause I'm in love with you

Can I explain to you?
Everything is going wrong
I've lost everything I had
And I have to sing these sad songs to get back to her
And I want you
And I want you
And I want you
And I want you
And I want to tell you everything that, everything that's going through my mind
Sing, and I want to sing
And I want to sing this song with you
And I'm gonna sing this song to everybody
'Cause I want them to understand what I talkin' about
I want you to understand what I'm sayin'


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The one person who disliked this song is "Mr. Pitiful". 

Aretha White

@kristina nie Preach girlfriend 👍🙌!!! I love this song, and my mom has the album with this song on it 👍. Rest in peace 👼 Otis Redding!!! Don't pay them any mind, they're just a bunch of haters 😈!!!! I was born in the 60's and I love this music 😉👍👍👍👍👍. Take care of yourself and your family during this coronovirus pandemic 😷 ok. Much love from Bunn NC.👋💖💖💖😊.

kristina nie

It’s so sad that you ALL think that 😔

Ronald Mondrey

More like Mr. Pathetic.

Cynthia Hawkins

U got that right!!!

a oneiill

it may be Mrs Pitiful...

Matt Phebus

"Mr. Pitiful" was recorded in December 1964 at the Stax studios. The song was written by guitarist Steve Cropper and singer Otis Redding, his first collaboration with Cropper, as a response to a statement made by radio disc jockey Moohah Williams, when he nicknamed Redding as "Mr. Pitiful", because of sounding pitiful when singing ballads. Cropper heard this and had the idea to write a song with that name when taking a shower. Cropper then asked Redding in a car how he felt about this idea, and soon after they recorded the song in about 10 minutes. 


I love when you learn the background of a song and it takes on a whole new meaning

Randall Garland

Otis was an OLD soul. I listened to him religiously from 2nd grade on up and only as an adult learned just how you g be was

kristina nie

Dragonrdh ❤️👍


Yes Indeed! Otis's sang with such feeling.

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