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Mind Power
Otto von Schirach Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Mind Power' by these artists:

A Tribe Called Quest Your new lesson is to realize the mission when you…
A Tribe Called Quest feat. Consequence Your new lesson is to realize the mission when you…
James Brown You know We're dealing with A very critical and crucial time…
Scorpions Don't use your fist, use your brain Don't use your fist,…

We have lyrics for these tracks by Otto von Schirach:

Breathe the Beat Shake your, shake your body and breathe to the beat feel…
Dance Like a Hoe Dans als een hoer Dans als een hoer Dans als een hoer Dan…
The Blob Zombie, blob, dope, agh Zombie, blob, cotton candy, dope Zom…
Ultimate Universe The creator is the most Otto man master of the universe,…

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Comments from YouTube:

Jorge Miquilena Giorno

This dimension of music is absolutely necesary

Otto Von Schirach


Nathaniel Benson

When are you and Kool Keith going to team up?

Butt Hole


Shadow Magick

This track makes me think of a 21st century Devo on acid


Otto is in the kNOw


I'm very happy that YouTube recommended this to me


Every time you watch it it just gets better!


How are there only 52k views? This should replace 'The Real Dancing Toddlers with Tiaras of Jersy Shore Survivor'. Im awake man. ...and boy am I ready. Listo.

nihilistic guttersnipe

dude!!!! this song and video gets me all hyped up to go out. awesome

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