Overloaded Lyrics

I think you need a reason why you're not better off dead.
All you need to know is you've got to rock and roll until you die instead.
Let me pull you out of the bomb shelter baby, please don't be afraid.
If you hate your life and you want to lose control then let me feel your pain.

You've got to scream it - HEY
You've got to feel it - HO
There's a way to free your soul tonight.
Like a Cyclone!
I know you feel the energy flowing through your veins.
Give me guitars and alcohol until I go insane.
I'm going crazy and I really hope you help me lose my mind tonight.
If you hate your life and you want to lose control it's time to start that fight!

Can you believe the lightning came to rectify your head?
Let us recharge your battery and do it all again...I say hell yeah!

So what do you say? Can't you read the writing on the grave?
"Behold the glory...I wrote the story...Can I write another one someday?"
No way!

You've got to take your chances when you get them for you never know...
If you'll ever get the chance again.
Do you feel the need to act like you're psychotic? Let's do something about it!

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