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His Time Has Come
Oxiplegatz Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Oxiplegatz:

Abandon Earth The farthest reach of known space - Sagittarius and the…
Adrift Dying I fly The moment of death still in my eye My…
Numb Brother brother can't you see this lie you've matured into …
This Time Passage Was Violent This time passage was violent, rocking their very foundation…
Usurpers Meanwhile, in another galaxy, a ship sets sail through the…
Vision Storms rip the clouds Sea drown the earth Another vision i…

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Comments from YouTube:


Almost as good as Dkane Kappa


that song's "Run away from me - Dotexe" i believe

Антон Холод

Mitch Jones>EMINEM


Funny as hell, but what was the song you were rapping too?


Inb4 record deal


lol amazing


rap on dubstep beat? :)


CUTTTTTT! Awkward as fuck!

Brettan Webber

whats the name of the song hes raping 2

Casper Sørensen

Was that Dylan in the background?

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