Oxiplegatz Lyrics

Storms rip the clouds
Sea drown the earth
Another vision incounter beyond the scarlet skies
Bifrost, touching the rainbow
Carry me now as I die


Did your messengers speak of my suffering?

Storms rip the clouds
Sea drown the earth
Odin, who rides through the heavens
[?] my spiritual birth

Gods of the elder
Are you still there?


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Comments from YouTube:

Devin Svennson

Track Times:

1. Starseed
2. Fairytale - 5:23
3. Northern Stars - 8:04
4. His Time Has Come - 11:18
5. I See It Now...- 16:28
6. Dark Millennium (There Shall Never Be Another Dawn) - 24:06
7. Conclusion - 28:35
8. Lust for Life - 35:14
9. Numb - 39:38
10. Departure - 44:45
11. Vision - 50:45
12. Adrift - 55:38
13. Oh No...- 1:00:10
14. Outro - 1:03:11

Christopher Leinhart

You’re the hero here thanks 🙏 I could never be bothered to sort it out even though I know how essential it is

ויטלי רויאק

seriously it's about one of the most influential albums ever written in bm scene. HUGE RESPECT

Fabian Basker

Pretty sexy alien. More seriously, thank you for the upload. Thanks to Leon del Muerte for name dropping these guys, leading me to check this out, and Dødheimsgard too.


Great upload!


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