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Miracle man
Ozzy Osbourne/Zakk Wylde Lyrics

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I'm looking for a Miracle Man
That tells me no lies
I'm looking for a Miracle Man
Who's not in disguise
I don't know where he'll come from
And I don't know where he's been
But it's not our Jimmy Sinner
Because he's so obscene

Miracle Man got busted [x2]

[Verse 2]
Today I saw a Miracle Man
On TV crying
Such a hypocritical man
Born again, dying
He don't know where he's going
But we know just where he's been
It was our little Jimmy Sinner
That I saw on the screen

Miracle Man got busted [x3]
Miracle Man

[Verse 3]
A Devil with a crucifix
Brimstone and fire
He needs another carnal fix
To take him higher and higher
Now Jimmy, he got busted
With his pants down
Repent you wretched sinner
Self righteous clown

Miracle Man got busted

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So... Televangelist Jimmy Swaggart goes on a crusade against Ozzy in 85' after a teen committed suicide while listening to "Suicide Solution"... Then Swaggart gets caught with a prostitute and is shamed in hypocrisy. Ozzy responds with this heart pounding bad ass track that makes every single hair on my body stand straight out. How nice....


@Ronald Shank That's also true, but Bob Daisley wrote the lyrics.

Ronald Shank

@therealhardrock They "Made the outside of their plate clean, but not the inside of it". Jesus taught us to clean the inside of the plate, as well as the outside of it, in Spiritual terms. They were also described as Whited Sepluchres-They looked good on the outside, but on the inside, they were full of dead men's bones!


@Ronald Shank I hope you also understand that a lot of Christians are embarrassed by guys like Swaggart. He demonized Christian Rock too. That was being a modern day Pharisee. If you don't know about the Pharisees, they railed against sin yet were full of sin themselves.

Ronald Shank

@therealhardrock It reflects on at least some within that movement. Thankfully, not everybody in the Pentecostal movement is of that persuasion.


@Ronald Shank Does it accurately reflect Pentecostals?

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Haujean Contactee

"Now Jimmy he got busted, with his pants down! Repent ye retched sinners, self righteous clown"! Ozzy tells it like it is.

Ronald Shank

@Doug Kelly That was a certain Reverend Oral Roberts, a Fake Healer...what some people would call a "Faith Healer", from as far back as at least the 1950s. Many, many people were deceived by his So-called "Faith Healing" practices. He got rich off of the gullible, deceived masses that attended his meetings. He's roasting in Hell now, I would imagine. I'd give Ozzy much more of a chance to get into Heaven than Oral Roberts...or any of those insipid false prophets!

Ronald Shank

I've gotta give "The Devil" his due! Strange how that Ozzy's much more honest about his lifestyle, than some "Good Reverend" ever could be! I can't believe that he still Preaches, here in good old 2021!

Kevin Murphy

Ozzy still having Christian faith after all these jackasses attacked him for decades, just tells you who has their faith tested, and still believe. I will call millions of people fake Christians, but Ozzy ain't fake.

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