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Толстая толстая свинья
P.A.G.A.N Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by P.A.G.A.N:

Amen Flesh: Amen, amen if you've felt the struggles, say ... ...…

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Comments from YouTube:

Pessoa XD

I NEED HELP! I need to get 200k power very fast... and I've only got 20k in 3 days, what should I do. Ik one guy that have been playing for 3 days and have 60k power


DONKEE PUNCH I’m 70kk no money spent


spend money😂😂😂


Pessoa XD research a lot and also train troops

josef prchal

Huh green boar have 4Ian every time what i see him..


i see about 75% to 80% Ian too but @ 15% retaliate is it really worth giving up 25% Speed or 35% ATK which is what smilodon or cat can give you or 30% DEF from bull.. i will never claim that what I suggest is the best, the only or the most popular... but I will say that I have put some thought into it. Thanks Josef! BTW I will constantly have to update the partner guides so if you ever see something off and can show me where I went wrong and make a better suggestion I will not be upset but I would be very happy that someone that watches the channel cares enough to help me fix things. Take care my friend