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PRhyme Lyrics

"Let's take 'em back"

Yeah '94 Shit

Uh, as the preacher takes the pulpit
Fix your coat, prepare for 40 below spit
Seven days of Heaven's ways and Hell's hangups
Chris and Ryan again and we wishing anybody
Who wasn't wishing us well bankrupt
A L and whatever else ain't up
As far as me I'm still caught up in all that gun shit
Still calling my bullets expendables 'cause it's hard to believe
I can fit all of them boys in one clip
I squeeze off and the streets start trembling
It's way too many niggas that seen shit, too many witnesses
Up and down with their visions of what a street nigga is
I call it the See-Saw Syndrome
Syndrome maybe you make a mistake, you lose
And this is for the real hip-hop niggas
Who will never ever ever ask me am I here to replace Guru

Word, that's what you feel up in this track?
Let a bitch nigga try to shit on that (oh what you trying to rap now?)

Yeah, yo Royce (what up, man)
We just lamping in the studio you know, doing our thing (Okay)
Bugging out, you know (Right)
A little test run, so
So, I need you to speak with your hands
On the count of three
Everybody now
1, 2, 3 go

"Talk to 'em"
"We step up in this rap game and seen act a fool"
"Me and Preem, both names go together"
"Lot of niggas fronting like they're ill" Word
I think it's time to move on to the next one

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:

Inon Dan Kehati

Review from 1-10:

Beat: 10
Lyrics: 10
The Primo scratches: 10
Sample: 10
Creativity: 10

No question, the best DJ Premier beat in 2014, and a real revolution on his style. While keeping his famous street credibility and still continue to invent himself, DJ Premier has yet again showed his fans why he is a one of a kind hip hop legend.
Royce is burnning the track, as only a real MC vetran can.

PRhyme is the most anticipated project from DJ Premier since "The Blaqprint" and "Welcome to G Dom".

Verdict:  Total 10

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Mathias Lind Hansen

Isnt it a fucking privilege to still have hip-hop legends like Premo doing his thing and keeping real raw ass rap alive. He's never changed for anything and he's been making the same music since day 1. Thank you!

Btw Royce is out of this world with these rhymes.

Wicca Slick

So right. Thankyou Premier.


+No One Ever replace Dre wit Rza

Alan Raven

+JustinBlazzzee Like Dilla, No ID, Dre, and Kanye. You can talk shit about their rapping and whatever, but don't talk bad about their godly production.

Just Blaze

@D JAMES no one talks shit bout premo. he's on the mount rushmore of hip hop producers

Kdot Mart


Ean Yarbrough

"Calling my bullets Expendables, still cant believe how fit all of them boys into 1 clip" mane dats a cold verse!!

Smittywermanjaegarmanjenson #1

that expendables line is just too much.. royce dope af

Nii Lomotey

matt M dope line

Jacob DaKid


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