PTI Lyrics

Vision comes and goes to these cursed EYES
Opened wide to witness new born PRIDE
A tear of fear and another for my LIFE
Creations dawn was built upon STRIFE

Organized we take it to the CORE
Bringing down the virulent audio WHORES
Hierarchy now stands for little MORE
They wouldn't listen then, so now it's WAR
Fist's to the sky as we let it die
It's one thing to talk and another to try
Gave my life to the bottom line
No more lies as I make it mine

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Comments from YouTube:


Chasing the bag good sir, you do you.

Matías Rosofsky

It's actually not bad content to watch, not my t to play. I'm sad for the dislikes, where is the support for coco? All from kids that haven't paid a single bill in their life.


I didn't think I'd watch this video all the way through

Giovanni Flores

Looks like the corporate overlords didn't like the original video, had to reupload.


Coco chasing the bag yesssir


you better have been paid big bucks for this




i love how the chat has no filter :) 2:25


when I tried playing it, the top game only had like 20 players on lol


In core i was in my hero academia left my pc running all the monrning for 4 hours i was level 30 at first but when i wake up i was level 287

Btw i used auto clicker

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