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Guts of a Virgin
Painkiller Lyrics

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I am not a smart man. I don't understand art. I don't get jazz, or punk, or whatever this is. I don't know the who's who of the scene. I'm not sure what the scene is. I don't know anything about this band except what I know from listening to this album. I've played these tracks more times than anything else I've ever heard in my life. I could've been born at any place and time but I'm here and I'm now and I can listen to Guts of a Virgin and that's good enough for me.

Caipira Armorial: Podcast de Resistência Cultural

Fuck you then.

Federico Bróccoli

Take it easy!

Nicholas Caged

Is this a copy pasta of some kind?

Scotia Bushcraft

I guess people would have to know you to realise that this is a bad review.


When grind-Jazz fanatics learn to read music there’s just no stopping them.

Darren Seder

Damn straight.


I like the lyrics especially in that part where he sings "eugGGHHHYAAAAAAAAAAR!. ggllll AAK AYAAAAA!"

Tyrone Slothrop

The singer had another band, Japanese Noise Punk band The Boredoms, great stuff.

Massimo Prevete

@Tommy Totally agree with you, sir.

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